Chinese Metaphysics Academy

From so many courses conducted by Master Alvin, it is always something new to learn from
him as a trainee. His generous sharing from his years of practical experience has benefit many
of us. The content of his course notes is purely customised from his authentic practical
experiences on proven cases. Lots of information can be derived from his simple illustrations,
easy to understand and that helps us to apply with confidence right after the course. He also
infuses the thought of righteous, impartial, compassionate and empathetic during the training to
whoever plan to be a FS master in this metaphysics field to benefit mankinds. Lastly, he
continues his best to provide after-course support to facilitate our learning and discussion.
For that, I wish him many years of success to benefit more people who are interested to learn
about metaphysics! Thank you, Master Alvin for giving us such an eye-opening, wonderful
learning journey.

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