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玄空大卦择日 Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection Module 2

Categories: Date selection
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Course Content

根据房子选择一个吉日 Choose an auspicious day based on the House

玄空卦运合十局 Xuan Kong Gua Yun Combination Ten Formation

玄空卦运逆行局 Xuan Kong Gua Yun Reverse Formation

玄空卦运纯清局 Xuan Kong Gua Yun Pure Formation

区分三煞、五黄、岁破 Differentiate San Sha, Wu Wang, Sui Po

好三煞日 An auspicious San Sha day

凶三煞日 An inauspicious San Sha day

安全三煞日以增强即时效果 Safe San Sha day to enhance immediate effect