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奇门遁甲择日 Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection Module 1

Categories: Date selection
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Course Content

介紹五术 Introduction of 5 Arts

择日系统 Date Selection Systems

择日介绍与重要性 Introduction and Importance of Date Selection

奇门择日法 Qi men Date Selection

奇门遁甲的类型 Types of Qi Men

三奇六仪 San Qi Liu Yi

奇门图的布局 Qi men layout chart

九宫八卦阴阳遁分布 Distribution of Yin/Yang of 8 Trigrams of the 9 Palace

八卦五行 Ba Gua 5 Elements

奇门原盘五行 Qi Men Original Elements

奇门遁甲天干 Qi Men Dun Jia Heavenly Stem

奇门遁甲盘 Qi Men Chart